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    Equipment within the NR12.

    - Fully made of stainless steel AISI-304, inner basket, external body, sides, doors, etc.

    - Side welded and sealed in full, avoiding leaks as the sides are screwed.

    - Internal basket with stainless steel hatch port, plus safety for the operator.

    - Tilting external doors, with EPDM rubber to make the latch with latch, avoiding leaks and spills during the washing process.

    - Contains a safety device that does not allow the machine to operate with one of the doors open and if they are opened during the washing process, the motor stops immediately and the process is interrupted.

    - Complete and digital control panel, with cycle time and temperature control, end-of-cycle sound alarm and button to position the door to facilitate unloading.

    - Standard frequency inverter, which increases the life of the machine and decreases energy consumption.

    - Transmission with geared motor without belts or pulleys, minimizing maintenance, and increasing operator safety.

    - Water level display and discharge valve "diameter 2" with full flow.

    Capacity Basket Diameter Basket Length External HeightExternal Width External Length Power 
    30 kg700 mm800 mm1.750 mm1.000 mm1.200 mm1CV 6P (0,75 KW/h)
    50 kg900 mm950 mm1300 mm1600 mm1150 mm2CV 6P (1,5 KW/h)
    100 kg1180 mm1170 mm1700 mm2075 mm1620 mm5CV 6P (3,75 KW/h
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