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    3832 - FRONT DRYER


    Equipment inside the standard NR12. 

    - Basket made of galvanized steel mounted with special mixers to prevent the clothes from "blowing" during its operation. 

    - Front door with large glass display.

    - High performance centrifugal extractor, independent of the drive of the transmission, increasing drying productivity. 

    - Transmission system with geared motor, reducing drastically maintenance. 

    - Mounted with plush catcher drawer on the front of the dryer, making it easier to handle.

    - Digital and complete control panel, with automatic operation, with control of the heating temperature and the drying cycle time. 

    - Frequency inverter avoiding sudden starts during work, increasing the life of the equipment and reducing the moderate consumption of electricity. 

    - It contains audible alarm of end of cycle indicator and micro of security in the door, that shuts off the engine in case of opening of the same. 

    - Fully enclosed, robust equipment, with easy maintenance and with complete safety to the operator.

    - GAS HEATING SYSTEM (GLP or CNG) System designed with triple ignition electrode, air mixer, valves and sensors, resulting in high efficiency, with instantaneous ignition and built-in flame sensor. Mounted with valves specially designed to safely service gas heating systems, complying with the NBR 12.313 standard. Complete system, which ensures perfect gas burning, resulting in bluish flame and low consumption, reducing the cost of kg of dried laundry.

    - STEAM HEATING SYSTEM With steam chamber mounted with copper tubes and aluminum fins, high heat dissipation generated. Contains filter screen. Teflon-based solenoid valve controlled automatic steam inlet, which turns the steam supply on or off according to the set temperature. Condensate outlet fitted with float type trap, ensuring high performance. The compact, high-power chamber combined with the efficient exhaust system results in perfect drying and thermal energy savings. 

    -  ELECTRIC HEATING SYSTEM Heating chamber mounted with finned tubular resistors, with greater heat dissipation area generated. The resistors are assembled in a block system, with 5.5 kw and 3 resistors in each block, facilitating their exchange and / or maintenance. Its compact assembly prevents the passage of cold air between the resistors, heating equally and saving energy in the drying process. Automatic temperature control on the dryer panel itself by turning the camera on and off according to the desired temperature.

    - Three phase 220 or 380 v - 60 Hz 

    Capacity Basket Diameter Basket LengthExternal Height External Width External Length Power Resistance Power
    20 kg950 mm650 mm1615 mm1055 mm1110 mm0,75 CV (0,56 KW)16,5 KW
    30 kg1200 mm800 mm1900 mm1365 mm1310 mm1,5 CV (0,75 KW)33 KW
    50 kg1200 mm1000 mm1900 mm1365 mm1365 mm1,5 CV (0,75 kW)33 KW
    100 kg1650 mm1450 mm2350 mm 1784 mm2400 mm3 CV (2,25 kW) 2 x 2 cv


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