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    Equipment within the NR12 regulatory standard .

    - Basket and body made of stainless steel AISI-304.

    - Equipment designed to be fixed directly to the ground through clogging.

    - Control panel separate from pedestal equipment, less electrical defects caused by equipment vibration.

    - Time control, with digital timer and audible alarm at each end of the cycle.

    - Smooth start without power surges with frequency inverter, avoiding any mechanical acceleration system.

    - Automatic braking performed by the frequency inverter, drastically minimizing maintenance, caused by mechanical brake.

    - Anti-vibration system through rubber cylinders.

    - Transmission through pulleys and trapezoidal belt, and frequency inverter.

    -  Work on the door, which does not allow opening of the same when the basket moving according to federal law.

    - Three phase 220 or 380 v - 60 Hz.


    CapacityBasket Diameter Basket Length Basket Volume LoadExternal Height External Width LengthRotation Power Consumption Drain
    20 kg500 mm350 mm54 Dm31:4,1950 mm850 mm800 mm1400rpm2CV2,01 kW/h2"
    30 kg700 mm350 mm126 Dm31:4,2900 mm1550 mm1520 mm1100rpm3CV2,25 kW/h3"
    50 kg850 mm380 mm215,6 Dm31:4,3950 mm1680 mm1670 mm1100rpm5CV3,75KW/h3"
    100 kg1100 mm400 mm380,1 Dm31:3,81050 mm2000 mm2000 mm1000rpm10CV7,5 kW/h2 x 4”


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